Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3.3 Magazine ( local )

3.3 ARTPAGE Contest

Every Issue of 3.3 magazine will publish artworks by readers and artists who wants their artwork published! And in every issue, one of you will be selected as Judges' Favourite Artist based on the best artwork submitted during the Artpage contest period.

I was selected for Judges' Favourite Artist for the March issue of 3.3 magazine. :D

3.3 magazine

If you're artist and drawing enthusiasts, from novice to experts, don't hesitate, just submit your artworks now! Artwork submissions should be submitted to hanse@5stones.biz

300 resolution JPEG file,
Title of artwork,
Medium usedName,
Contact no and Email of artist.
(artist should also indicate whether it is a original artwork or a fanart. )