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"The mighty female warrior of times"

Tomoe Gozen (巴 御前, Tomoe Gozen) (1161–1184) was one of the few examples of a true female warrior samurai in all of Japanese history. She was a samurai during the time of the Genpei War (1180–1185). Her name is pronounced / More at


-First Wave -
Limited edition tees (40 pcs per design only to be sold locally and worldwide)

The colour of 4playz logo. It is often used to indicate danger or emergency.In Chinese symbolism, red is the color of good luck and it’s also the color of the passion , romance and sex.RED also represents the female menstrual cylce and therefore maturity and sexuality. Paradoxically, it also denotes anger.

This is our first theme , RED (红) , and so all our designs will be printed on a RED colour tee only. So it's very auspicious to wear this tee during Chinese New Year .


On the top row :
Tomoe Gozen , a very famous female samurai in Japan during the time of the Genpei War (1180–1185) . Click above or [link] to find out more about her.

And on the bottom row is based on our own creation of Chinese female warrior.


Locally (SG) : 20 SGD per tee
Worldwide : 15 USD per tee

*Shipping To USA
7 USD per tee

Medium : 40" (M), Large : 42" (L)

We are now taking in pre-order so please email to us at

Once , we had settled the tees pre-order and stuffs, sloth and me will do a collab illustration for it. So stayed tune....


Alina Chau said...

Fantasic design!! Always love your artworks!

Michelle Lana said...

pretty cool!

xiaobaosg 小宝 said...

Thanks alina and michelle. :D

Marion said...

Incredible how you make those characters. Really very smart.