Friday, December 01, 2006

Mosaic Monkey Returns

Mosaic Monkey Return

Promotional poster 1
"Unfold your destiny" (The japanese caption)

Spoof From the movie poster " King Arthur"
[Practising on rendering and blending with Photoshop]

Mosaic Monkey  Return 2

Promotional poster 2
"What Was Trapped. Will Soon Be Unleashed" (The japanese caption)

Spoof from the movie poster "The Grudge 2" :P

Mosaic Monkey Return 3

Promotional poster 3
Can Mosaic monkey and his team save humanity? Does humanity have faith with them?

Spoof from the movie poster "Superman Returns"
A perspective drawing but guess it didn't turned out well, look kinda of weird.

[Practising on rendering and blending with Photoshop]

Mosaic Monkey Return Sketches

The Sketches of Mosaic Monkey Returns
Normally for me , before i make a illustration , i will roughly planned out the layout and do some sketches on my sketchbook first , i will then redraw everything again in Marcomedia Flash (as Flash can produce a better linesweight for drawing) .After that , i will export the "drawing" to Photoshop to add in effect and texture .

The journey of Mighty monkey , MM , will return soon..........

<xbsg> Currently, we are preparing to launch the first merchanise for 4playz, our first wave will be limited edition tee-shirts . There will be a total of 4 designs (not more than 40 pieces per design) selling worldwide, so watch this space and blog for more updates.


steve said...

Thanks for posting these--they're absolutely amazing, especially the bottom poster. Good luck with Mosaic Monkey and hope to see more of him in the future.

Jeannette said...

Nice work. Nice monkey monkey monkey.


Michelle Lana said...

very cool!

MiJa said...

love your posters! Love all your work too! Very cool stuff.