Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Since i was asked to intro myself in , i think i might as well post it here for you guys to know more about me.

(Self potrait of myself doing Kamen Rider henshin)

Xiaobaosg (
xiao= small , bao=treasure in chinese)
is an intensly skilled craftsman and his work is instantly recognizable aswell as being vibrant in color and chock full of energy and has a great style to boot. His work ranges from graphic novel style panels and original characters to excellent interpretations of people and situations. He is also the creator of the single most popular thread in our forums to date, check it out here and get a taste of his signature visual style. But lets hear what he has to say:

Tell us abit about yourself:
I believe in creating something out of nothing as an artist. I see myself as a kidult, young at heart and am known as xiaobaosg to my friends. I am an amateur illustrator in every sense of the word (as I started to learn art about 2 years ago) working freelance in Singapore. Beside that I’m also doing some personal commission work on the side, via
4playz, a collaboration of two illustrators and a comic artist.

What inspires you in terms of creating art:
I’m much influenced by the Japanese and Chinese cultures, and I got most of my inspiration from movies, movie posters, comics, from the music I enjoy listening to and generally things that happen around me.

Tell us more about your work:
My work mainly ranges from poster design to T-shirt design. But I do have lots of things going on, here’s a list:

Tee design:
Starting my freelance as designing t-shirts for company and forums. Currently I’m working out a project with 4playz to come out with a series of merchandise.

Vintage design:
As i am much influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture, vintage or retro design naturally become one of my favourites topic for my works. I tried to follow, explore and catch the raw and old styles feel of old poster using their colour palettes and textures.

Mosaic Monkey:

Derived from the most popular Chinese myths “Journey to the west”, experimenting with different styles to illustrates the scenes. I tried to re-tell/ recreate the story and characters in a modern way and a more funny ways as much of the illustration was actually spoof from a certain movie (poster or scene).

Fetish Series:

A personal series of illustrations of provocative females of different roles, much inspired by Tokidoki (Simone Legno, one of my favourite designer).

- by X, Zeroe