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Lost At E Minor is a website and weekly email newsletter that sources out and features the best new illustration, photography, art and music from Australia and around the world. It is the product of a collaboration between brothers Zac and Zolton Zavos who come from backgrounds in IT and magazine editing respectively and who wanted to work together on a project which tapped into their interests in various mediums of creative expression.

They have always operated with an agenda of giving props to artists and musicians that they respect and think deserve more recognition. Lost At E Minor has also established media partnerships with websites such as
Cool Hunting and Design is Kinky to provide other avenues through which to promote the work that they like. Lost At E Minor is editorially independent and they only plug something if they like it.

The Lost At E Minor logo was designed by Melbourne-based company,
Urchin Associates. Submissions from illustrators, artists, photographers, and musicians are always encouraged. They also welcome banner submissions and advertising

Lost At E Minor welcomes submissions from illustrators, artists, photographers, t-shirt designers, musicians, writers, figurine creators, and other talented people from around the world who are working within the broad realm of pop culture and would like to showcase their work through the newsletter and the website so click on to find out more about Lost At E Minor .

Thanks Roger for giving me the link and Zolton for posting my submission onto the site.


Van said…
Hey mate, congratulations on being featured at Lost at E Minor! I remember critiquing your work at the Drawn! forums earlier in the year, and you've done some great work! Well done. :)

- Van
Yupz, i remember you ( your name) Thanks Van. :D

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