Friday, December 22, 2006

DreamSeeker 梦寻者


i've been a Dreamseeker in Lioncity and design society since 2004 . Almost 2 years had gone and i'm still seeking......

Someone asked me what sort of dream am i seeking? I told her , "I wanted to be better and be a full time illustrator whereby i can survive with the little knowledge and the amateur skill i have." Some wet wild dream isn't it ....

Like what i mentioned in my previous blog

"Dream(s) are meant to be non-reality,are imaginary,or artificial and it happened only when you sleep but i believe if you dare to dream(s) on (as mention in the jap caption) and catch it. Anything can be brought to reality! Anything can be possible. May all your dreams come true! 祝你有个好梦"

~Dreamseeker 梦寻者 , xbsg

* I've been wanting to make a illustration for/of Dreamseeker, so here i presented to you " Your Dream girl!" :P

*I had also submitted this illo as a design into , do remember to drop by again and vote for me/her. Viva la Dreams .

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