Friday, November 24, 2006

Final Rumble

Final Rumble

Final Rumble 2

( Below: Cged and drawn with flash , ready to transfer to Photoshop for modification)

School Rumble characters

School Rumble 霸: The Final Rumble
War in school breakoff , who will be the last survival.
*The battle of survival in school *

Poster 1 : I've merged the 3 newly drawn characters (same character but new hairstyle ) with the Collab's characters into one. I wanted to give it a movie poster feel.

Poster 2 : A before (bottom bar) and After (Top bar) look of characters . Beside the 2 characters in gray.

A3 size , done with Flash and PS ( 2 days)
Done with references from the net on schoolgirl



School Rumble 2

Rika akiyama, another character created for School Rumble . Ahhh i've forgotten to add in the dragon tattoo for the "Final Rumble Poster." Another version of School Rumble 2 happened on : Days 2 ,Rika akiyama eliminated/killed. Not much different , just more bloody. :P


School Rumble 3

Kaoru Sakura , a third character created for School Rumble .Trying to draw some perspective drawing but it didn't turned out well. Alot of mistakes.


School Rumble 4

New character Midori enter the battle.

<xbsg> The last 4 illustrations of School Rumble was created between dec 24 2005 to Jan 25 2006. After that, i got tired of drawing schoolgirls and i stopped the series for Mosaic monkey.

The Sad things about this 4 illos was that long ago, i have this habit of saving my files at 72 dpi and a low resolution until i realised , it was already too late. Damaged had been done. End of the day, i got all the 4 files eliminated ( ^ ^!) . These 4 files was saved from my DA account because i'm too lazy to redo everything again *ha! .

That's why nowsday , i kept all my files at 300dpi A4 or A3 sizes just in case someone might want to use it or buy it from me . Futhermore i can use it for my personal porfolio. ( ^ ^)\/

That's all for School Rumble.

END of School Rumble....... ( *a lame story by me )

all characters and images are copyrighted by the contributing artist(s) of In no event should you use them in any personal or commercial works without permission. Please contact us via email to request if such a need arises.

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