Thursday, November 09, 2006

Before Legend 3 End

Before Legend 3 END

野猴启示录:传说 (read from right to left)

After the explosion , MM landed on a mountain nearby. This is the story of MM & the Scarf ...

Rise of the monkey 改

Rise of the monkey
*New version of Mosaic Monkey Chapter one

At the top of the mountain, the monkey pointed his finger toward the clear sky , his telling the world , i am going to be no . 1 . (上天下底,唯我独尊) This is where it all begin. (* I'm not good in doing short comic scripts and i know the story is not that flow and understandable. )

Rise of the monkey <--old version if you noticed ;
*At first , MM's hair look like beckham [link] . The change of the hairstyle and the add-on of the scarf was given to MM, to give him a more mature (haha) and heroic look perhaps.

*The blue colour represent the sea as MM was standing on the mountain just beside the sea.

*I revamped the "Rise of monkey " as MM was not wearing scarf and he look different in the old version.

I have submitted Baby Mosaic Monkey to MOJIZU :

May continue.....


benconservato said...

I am impressed with your monkey, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Jeannette said...

Cute little character. I mean, tough guy, yeah yeah.