Saturday, November 25, 2006

.: XBSG 玩 具 區 :.


This collab photo was taken around 1/2 yrs ago. My collection mainly concentrated on Kamen Rider ( S.I.C , Armour Trans , 30cm soft vinyl and random Kamen rider related stuffs)

两个月之后 (下图).......
More invasion of Garo toys .... 牙狼



Gouten ( the horse)
( ^ ^)b
and Berserk Garo,
one of the biggest figure in my collection ,
the size of the toy was around 20 inch!! Wooooo...holy chiwawa!

HG kurohige kikiippa



Kamen Rider Swing

Kamen Rider Swing

S.I.C VOL 14

S.I.C Vol 14 (reissue)
Finally got my hand on this volume.
Vrooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.....Go Rider!!!

Life as a artist for me is already hard. Life as a Toy collector more hard.

Today , finally i realised this "用有限换无限。"
Toys是无限的,金钱却是有限~~~ ~哭
Need to earn more money to get more toys~ (kidding)
中毒太深 ( ~ ~!)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Final Rumble

Final Rumble

Final Rumble 2

( Below: Cged and drawn with flash , ready to transfer to Photoshop for modification)

School Rumble characters

School Rumble 霸: The Final Rumble
War in school breakoff , who will be the last survival.
*The battle of survival in school *

Poster 1 : I've merged the 3 newly drawn characters (same character but new hairstyle ) with the Collab's characters into one. I wanted to give it a movie poster feel.

Poster 2 : A before (bottom bar) and After (Top bar) look of characters . Beside the 2 characters in gray.

A3 size , done with Flash and PS ( 2 days)
Done with references from the net on schoolgirl



School Rumble 2

Rika akiyama, another character created for School Rumble . Ahhh i've forgotten to add in the dragon tattoo for the "Final Rumble Poster." Another version of School Rumble 2 happened on : Days 2 ,Rika akiyama eliminated/killed. Not much different , just more bloody. :P


School Rumble 3

Kaoru Sakura , a third character created for School Rumble .Trying to draw some perspective drawing but it didn't turned out well. Alot of mistakes.


School Rumble 4

New character Midori enter the battle.

<xbsg> The last 4 illustrations of School Rumble was created between dec 24 2005 to Jan 25 2006. After that, i got tired of drawing schoolgirls and i stopped the series for Mosaic monkey.

The Sad things about this 4 illos was that long ago, i have this habit of saving my files at 72 dpi and a low resolution until i realised , it was already too late. Damaged had been done. End of the day, i got all the 4 files eliminated ( ^ ^!) . These 4 files was saved from my DA account because i'm too lazy to redo everything again *ha! .

That's why nowsday , i kept all my files at 300dpi A4 or A3 sizes just in case someone might want to use it or buy it from me . Futhermore i can use it for my personal porfolio. ( ^ ^)\/

That's all for School Rumble.

END of School Rumble....... ( *a lame story by me )

all characters and images are copyrighted by the contributing artist(s) of In no event should you use them in any personal or commercial works without permission. Please contact us via email to request if such a need arises.

Thursday, November 23, 2006



Hanami (花見, Hanami lit. flower viewing) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case might means cherry blossoms (桜 or 櫻, sakura ), or ume blossoms (梅, ume ) .

> More info at

Hanami V2
Hanami Version 2

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Before Legend 3 End

Before Legend 3 END

野猴启示录:传说 (read from right to left)

After the explosion , MM landed on a mountain nearby. This is the story of MM & the Scarf ...

Rise of the monkey 改

Rise of the monkey
*New version of Mosaic Monkey Chapter one

At the top of the mountain, the monkey pointed his finger toward the clear sky , his telling the world , i am going to be no . 1 . (上天下底,唯我独尊) This is where it all begin. (* I'm not good in doing short comic scripts and i know the story is not that flow and understandable. )

Rise of the monkey <--old version if you noticed ;
*At first , MM's hair look like beckham [link] . The change of the hairstyle and the add-on of the scarf was given to MM, to give him a more mature (haha) and heroic look perhaps.

*The blue colour represent the sea as MM was standing on the mountain just beside the sea.

*I revamped the "Rise of monkey " as MM was not wearing scarf and he look different in the old version.

I have submitted Baby Mosaic Monkey to MOJIZU :

May continue.....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Before Legend 2

Before Legend 2


From the beginning of time, a stone had been absorbing the" KI " from the Heaven and earth (天地之气) . One day , there's was a sudden change of the heaven and earth ( 风云变色 ) , a white light blasted from the heaven shot directly to the stone ,causing the stone to explode and then from it hatched a monkey.

The MONKEY was high-spirited, egotistical , full of mischievous pranks and of course, he was naked ( haha ). Thus , the name Mosaic Monkey or MM in short.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mosaic Monkey: Before Legend

Mosaic Monkey: Before Legend

[ Every hero has a first cry. Every journey has a first step. Every tales has a beginning ]


This is the "before legend" tales of Mosaic Monkey, his first cry.
Before smoke start coming out from the Dragon's nostrils .
Do not disturb the sleeping dragon. :P

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Momotaro 桃太郎

Momotaro 桃太郎

"Let the wind take us to the Megi-jima Island"

Momotarō (桃太郎) , a hero from Japanese folklore. Literally meaning Peach Tarō, as Tarō is a common Japanese boy's name, it is often translated as Peach Boy. Read more at

A quick practise with no reference.

Other version make for my porfoilo :

*added mountain