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The Year Two


Potraits of friends

*ramblings, some thought and complaint*

It had been 2 years since the day i started doing arts as a hobby ( or career) . That's really very fast!!!I'm still the same old amateur artist. I have to label myself as a amateur artist as i'm the least popular among my group (4playz). I don't get much commission works neither was my works ever got published in magazine before .
For the past 2 years, i always been wanting to quit doing arts (as a career or even as a hobby)because it's really hard to survive just as a full-time illustrator here (in Singapore). Especially with the kind of character i had, as i always tend to wait for people to approach me instead which i know is not a very "wise choice." Beside that ,I alway feel that i cannot accomplish the tasking given by the customers , i have negative thought and have no confidence with myself and my skill.

Other than that , is selling my works overseas. I had rejected a number of requests due to some unpleasant encounter i had before .It was really a very bad experience as the project was dragged for almost 7 months , my designs was printed , sold and i was not even informed. It was only lately ,after i complaint to them ,then i get a contract from them which says " Please sign here and sent back to me!"
So far , i have not get any things from them yet. I mean ain't i supposed to get pay on the royality and a 4 monthly report on the sale of my design? The chinese have a good say " The mountain is high and the emperor is far 山高,皇帝远 ", i would not know anythings about everythings ( the design, the sales , the company).The way i see professional people handle things in a unprofessional ways , it just make me feel so scared and sick. It is a must, to earn from taking risk, i wonder?It is really about no risk , no gain?

I'm just an artist, an amateur one , i do need to survive . If we could be more co-operative, be thoughtful and considerate for others. That will definitely make the industry , the world , a better and a happy one. I think.... ( i always wanted to blog about this bad experience, really :D)

Mistake learns
a) Get your works paid and get a contract signed before sending out your works
b) Always consult the "old birds" ( experience's people) if in doubts

I guess that about all i have to say. I still love arts , love to do illustration that is why i'm still around. :D

May Picasso be with you , always!


aBula said…
hey.. great illos!
i do not like to socialize too.. and i have to agree with you that it's really tough to be a full-time illustrator here in singapore... BUT don't give in.. don't give up!.. :)
thank u abula~ Will try my best.:D
ming said…
hang in there. i've been lucky to have done some stuff for magazines..but yeah..we don't have the kind of volume in our region to do this freelance.

here are some suggestions... there are some links to Illustration sites on most of them have some suggestions about how to get in the busines..though you got to digg for it.

2. alternatively you could submit your illos to sites like submit all the time..and i'm sure you'll find a market and start to get paid for it.

but hang in there.. and keep the dream alieve!
Thanks for the info and help , ming! :D

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