Thursday, October 12, 2006

School Rumble 霸

School Rumble 2

<-(old version)

Cult illustration: SCHOOL RUMBLE
Character: Rika Akiyama ~(revamped)

*The trouble with school (富田私立高校)is students had to battle for the survival in school and battle for the glory to be the NO. 1.....To kill or be killed. ( *a lame story by me )

Illustration influenced by Tenjo Tenge and Kill Bill~

* Practise on rendering and blending with Photoshop :D

School Rumble Collab

This is a collaboration between four artists (SG) , merging different drawing styles and techniques into one . We are 4Play Club (now called 4playz)!As school rumble was created by me , naturally i became the lead and cg artist of this collab :P .


MiJa said...

love your work! I'd love to see your process... how you pieced your image together! It's so interesting how many elements you have in one piece, and it all compliments each other to perfectly! Great work!

sage said...


jimmy said...

This is just plain awesome.

Jeannette said...

these are really great! so interesting.