Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fairy Tales 童话

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf
Another side of fairytales.....
*Adapted from Three little pigs.

"Be quiet or else , the wolf will come and.....catch you" ( I kinda of remember that when i was young, my mum always frighten us with such sentences if we make alot of noises at night. hehe)

Magic Lamp

The Magic Lamp
Adapted from One Thousand and One Nights - Aladdin

Other version make for my porfoilo :
Added tattoo for the wolf and genie plus added sparkling feel for the illo "magix lamp"

* I never knew that drawing children arts can be so tough, haha. Here's 2 attempt on children arts based on the Fairy tales. Kinda of made it into my own version (popart and vintage version). Well~ Happy Children Day!!


Michelle Lana said...

great style you have! nice!

mel said...

awesome illo! love your style a lot :)

Monica said...

Ha! So awesome and kooky, I love it.

EA said...

que lindos!!!