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Waiting in the wind 风的终点

Waiting in the wind (Vintage version)
(Vintage Version)

Waiting in the wind (风的终点)

"时间也许会改变,不过我依然会在风的终点 ...........静静的等着你...... "
"Although time will change(if) but I'll still be waiting for you the end side of wind"

When are you going to rest
When will you say goodbye
I will not complaint
At the end side of the wind
i will be there, waiting for you....

illustration inspired by song "风的终点 " by Soler , testing out, painting and blending with photoshop .

Kamen Rider Black S.I.C

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Black

*First time, doing Photo Manipulation with SIC toy.


Alina Chau said…
awesome illos!

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