Sunday, August 27, 2006

Phoenix Tiger Gate 凤虎门

Enter the Phoenix

Enter the Phoenix 2

Enter The Phoenix 3

Inspired by "Ikkitousen 一騎当千 " (* a manga where by the heroes of Three Kingdom was interpreted as woman in the story ) and adapted from HK classic and most popular comic " Dragon Tiger Gate 龙虎门 " by Tony Wong Yuk-long and Charlie's Angel. Would you run(if) if you see them coming, guys?

Phoenix Tiger Gate
(movie adapted version)

Phoenix Tiger Gate Sketches
sketches of PTG


Kamen Rider The First

Kamen Rider The First 仮面ライダー THE FIRST (Japanese)
College student and aspiring motocross racer Takeshi Hongo is abducted by evil organization known as "Shocker" and converted into a cyborg warrior to do their bidding as "The Hopper". But before the Shocker can brainwash him, an explosion occurs in the laboratory and Hongo escapes. Using his new powers, Hongo wages a battle to keep mankind safe from Shocker and defending himself from Shocker Mutant's who trying to captured him. While he also feel how painfull losing humanity..... (anime news network)

School Rumble V2
School Rumble Revamped


Oh!Times really pass by fast, i had been blogging and showcasing my artworks here for a year already. Regarding the misused of my works recently, i had deleted it due to some reasons . I will updated more on it once i return from my reservist (ICT) after 22th Sept( ~ ~!) .

CYA~~~ Reservist(ing) in progress and
Thanks for reading and the comments given to me for the past one year.
I really appreciated it. *bow


( A birthday gift for one of my friend, done in a hrs)


artgyrl said...

Hey. I really like the Phoenix Tiger Gate design. The elements in the background are really nice, and the girls are drawn really well.

cosmos said...

Beautiful work. Do more. Hey wait a minute that picture is of another blogger!

Anonymous said...

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!