Saturday, June 03, 2006

New identity 从新开始

Shanghai vintage poster~ (IF-Portrait)
Shanghai bun . Sweetness in my heart
The Chinese wordings is to be read from the bottom to the top or from the right to the left , the old chinese poster's way. Bun in chinese is pronounced as bao1 , it also sound like the bao3 (treasure) of xiaobao.
*with reference

I'm xiaobaosg, part of 4play.
The amateur artist/illustrator.
I'm on my new journey(again) .

I wish i can fly in the sky....
i wish i could be someone better.... :P


Alina Chau said...

The top piece is beautiful!! Love the chinese vintage style. Lately, I am trying to explore more into that style also. :) Yours is much cooler though, still need to find time to play with the idea more. :P

xiaobaosg 小宝 said...

Thank you , Alina! :D


another stunning piece! very elegant in design.