Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fixing a broken heart

Fixing a broken heart

Fixing a broken heart ( alternate version)

Fixing a broken heart ver.1 and
Ver.2 (korean version)

First time, drawing nude chick and i find that the figure is somehow abit out of proportation??! This was inspired by the song "Fixing a broken heart " by Indecent Obsession.

" You really know where to start
Fixing a broken heart
You really know what to do
Your emotional tools can cure any fool
Whose dreams have broken apart
Fixing a broken heart"

This is what i feel right now and( singing) my dreams are falling apart........ *Sigh

By the way , all the captions on my illo are translated by Babel fish translator so i do not know if it mean the same as in english. :P


ah chuan said...

Nice drawing of the nude kitty! Drawing has certainly improved~

instead of using plaster, use stitches? :P

Keep it up!!

6001 said...

Like your design. They are wonderful with very striking colour.