Friday, May 12, 2006

There will come a day 会有那么一天

"我要離去 別再哭泣 不要傷心 請你相信 我 要等待 我的愛 陪你永不離開
因為會有那麼一天 我們牽著手在草原 聽鳥兒歌唱的聲音 聽我說聲 我愛你....... "

There will come a day (japanese title in the illo means)

1943 During world war
"I'm leaving ,
Please don't cry , don't be sad ....
Please believe me and wait for me , my love will ...
Be with you and never leave you because there will come a day....." (direct translated from the chorus of JJ Lin's song 会有那么一天 :P )

Haven't been doing war theme for a long time. I was really inspired by the chorus of this song during the KTV session. Really a nice touching song! (*With reference )



Alina Chau said...

WOW!! the poster is AWESOME!! GREAT WORK!!


sweet! diggin the planes!