Tuesday, May 30, 2006


OLE OLE!! World Cup 2006 is round the corner, and to support this once a 4year Grand event of the Soccer World, we guys of 4PLAY.CLUB came out with our very own Team 4PLAY Soccer Mania 2006!! OLE! OLE!

The concept was, each of us incharged of designing the characters for the specific sectors of the Team ie:

'The RearGuards', the defenders, the backline of the Team. [link] by JoeQuarkze

'Keeper and Playmakers', the keeper and midfielders. [link] by Xiaobaosg ( me :D)

'The killer StrikeForce:, the Strikers!! [link] by Sloth79

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NOW.....a brief intro to all our Players of TEAM 4PLAY "RearGuards" they are: [link]

Captain Bufus #4 - the pillar of our backline, naturally our Captain too. His fierce, powerful, intimidating presence make our backline a hard-nut to crack.

Meow #27 - attacking central defender, she likes to push the ball up but dun worry, if the backline is in trouble, she's can race less than 9sec/100m back to support. She might looks plumb, but she's agile, hard on her tackle, and certainly good in the air.

C130 #23 - Left attacking defender, not many opponents can match his lighting speed. He's good at making inch-perfect passes and a very good crosser too. Defensively, he's a expert in man-marking, no body can shake him off once he got hook on to u.

Aya Mitsuko #3 - Right attacking defender, she's fast, agile, and very intelligence with the ball. She's a good crosser, and very fierce with her tackles too.

"Keeper and Playmakers" they are: [link]

Drago Lee #1 - well verse in Shaolin martial arts, no ball can get around him and into his net if he performed the 'Thousand Arms Buddha Palm' stance.

Mosiac Monkey #7 - MM is a Right Winger. He is agile, tricky and fast. He holds the 2nd Best Record of Assist in Goal in the Team. However, he has a bad habit of running on the field without his short on...cos he run faster that way...Hey, give him a break...he's a Monkey afterall..

Shinji #8 - the 'David Beckham' of the Team cos of his Good Look..haha. He's a Left Winger. He's fast, a Damn good crosser, intelligent and very Cool in front of goals.

Whisker #9 - The 'Ronaldinho' of the Team..haha. He plays behind the two strikers. He can cut thru any defences; he's witty with the ball, fast, agile, acrobatic, he holds the Best Record of Assist in Goal in the Team.

"The Killer Strike Force" they are: [link]

Kera Muse #10 - smokes on the field, swears like no tomorrow, and headbutts the referee. Kera's performance in the game definately beats the half-time shows. Oh, watchout for her 'speciality': showing her middle finger..err...with her toes...BET not many ppl can do that..ahaha...

Inferno #6 - 1st thing we thought when she joined the team is "how the hell do you play football without feet??". that thought was quickly diminished when she sent her fireballed goal into the toasted opponent's keeper.

Dabio #11 - decendent of the evil warlord of hell, Dabio's packed with his iron hoof to score goals, and razor sharp horns as a added bonus to rid of any oncoming players. He plays the Holding Role in midfield.

Coach R.I.P - small in size but big in commands and game strategies.also leader of the cheerleading committee.

Yeap, these players aren't the normal players u seen everyday on the soccer field...haha.. yah thats the fun of building up Team4PLAY .... juz let your imagination run wild man!

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Uniform fetish- Cheerleader

Look like the cheerleader of Team4play is already excitied about the game and cheering for them!! Hip Hip Hooray!Hip Hip Hooray!