Saturday, May 27, 2006

Team A

Xbsg X Joequakze
Jersey 1 - Drago lee the goalkeepers ( inspired by shaolin soccer)
Jersey 7 - MM (mosaic monkey ) the right winged
Jersey 8 - Shinji , the left winged
Jersey 9 - Whisker (the cat) , the striker
Jersey27 - Meow, attacking central defender (by Joequakze)
Jersey23 - C130, Left attacking defender ( by Joequakze)

This is a last minute theme , we decided to make for the upcoming world cup and for our cafepress shop (
*This is part one collaboration of SoccerMania between Joequakze ( wing fee , comic artist) and me .We had divided Team4play into 3 groups ( the playmakers and keeper by me , REARGUARDS by JoeQuakze and The Killer striker Force by sloth) , so stay tuned for the final collaboration of Team4play and the merchanise in cafepress shop soon. Ole Ole Ole Ole!