Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gambatte - Keep Going!

Onegai Sensai

Uniform fetish- teacher (sensei)
Onegai Sensei ( Please teacher *not related to the anime~) . They told me she look kinda of fat( IF -FAT)!What do you think?? hehe

Knocking on the heaven's door

Chapter Four: Knocking on the heaven's door part 1
After defeating, the twin dragons of the East mountain ...
Mosaic Monkey took away the golden rod from the twin dragons as a souvenir. The Great God of heaven was extremely angry with such action and the arrogant of MM , he decided to sent his "heavenly troops of cyborgs (Zero , type 01 and 02 )" down to earth to punish MM be continue...(*14hrs with flash and photoshop)

"Gambatte - Keep Going! Forget sadness, anger, grudges and hatred.
Let them pass like smoke caught in a breeze....."


Steam said...

Cool stuff. I especially like the Heavenly Cyborgs of power. Good job!

Cheferni said...

hey... it would be nice sharing some writings, this is a narrative project that's gonna have an english version soon, hope you join

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