Monday, April 24, 2006

4play Club

4PLAY.CLUB is now in Cafepress!!
3 Different Artist,
3 Different concepts, ideas, themes and genres,
3 Different drawing styles and Art presentation;

a Wide range of Artwork for your pleasure viewing,
a Great variety of Products for u to choose, buy and collect. CHECK US OUT :

Playful and Kinky - the PopART of
You might have already known his work. Check out the Girls in his latest Fetish Series and his other popular work - Bloody Samurai, MI Chicks in prints, tees, and on various products... and mmm.... wanna get a couple of his Saucy Girls to lift up the spirit in your house?

Kera Muse , character designed by Sloth79
Yah, she's a SEXY, naughty, and very 'normal' looking little girl who's not from where we are... Check out his Dark ART work on this Girl, now in prints, tees and a wide range of products to choose from... Ganesha...a beautiful work inspired by a Asian Myth and Legend, you will love it. Check it out in Sloth Section of our retail site.

ARE U A HORROR FAN?Do you like blood and violence, Macabre stuffs...?
Check out the horror and bloodly work by Joe Quakze.

In authentic Pen & INK, Comic Art Style, now in Prints, tees and various products. YES, bet you will get all the attentions if you wear a tee with my Bloody work on it.