Friday, April 28, 2006



Where is my love? (IF-sorry)
"A day in the heaven is a year on earth. A second of waiting for my love to return is a lifetime of torture." Sorry i love you 对不起,我爱你! Just a practise.....

The H+

>The H+ movement has the scientists, the philosophers, and the commentators but where are artists? Apart from a few notable exceptions, the movement is impoverished due to its lack of creative input. No movement can hopeto ignite imagination without mediation by creative artists, writers and image manipulators. In the world of the brand, transhumanism seems oddly 20th century, tucked away inits specialist email groups and meeting up at badly advertised conferences to preach to the converted. "

Months ago, i was invited by Russell Rukin to join H+ and i really feel honoured that an amateur artist/illustrator like me was invited to join this community. Cool~ Is time for me to get up on my butt , practise more , learn more and get better....Check out H+

Monday, April 24, 2006

4play Club

4PLAY.CLUB is now in Cafepress!!
3 Different Artist,
3 Different concepts, ideas, themes and genres,
3 Different drawing styles and Art presentation;

a Wide range of Artwork for your pleasure viewing,
a Great variety of Products for u to choose, buy and collect. CHECK US OUT :

Playful and Kinky - the PopART of
You might have already known his work. Check out the Girls in his latest Fetish Series and his other popular work - Bloody Samurai, MI Chicks in prints, tees, and on various products... and mmm.... wanna get a couple of his Saucy Girls to lift up the spirit in your house?

Kera Muse , character designed by Sloth79
Yah, she's a SEXY, naughty, and very 'normal' looking little girl who's not from where we are... Check out his Dark ART work on this Girl, now in prints, tees and a wide range of products to choose from... Ganesha...a beautiful work inspired by a Asian Myth and Legend, you will love it. Check it out in Sloth Section of our retail site.

ARE U A HORROR FAN?Do you like blood and violence, Macabre stuffs...?
Check out the horror and bloodly work by Joe Quakze.

In authentic Pen & INK, Comic Art Style, now in Prints, tees and various products. YES, bet you will get all the attentions if you wear a tee with my Bloody work on it.

Sunday, April 09, 2006



Masked Samurai (Revamped) if-speed
The Samurai shifts into a stance and waited for his enemy , with a quick moved ..8 were killed in speed second. (haha, craps)

Yes Master

Uniform fetish- the twin maids
Yes master!


Uniform fetish: Geisha ( related??)
Took me 2 days on and off to complete it . This is the longest time , i had spent for a single illo~ :D