Monday, January 16, 2006

Mosaic Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Chapter One: Rise of the monkey

Rise of the monkey

For thousand of years, a stone had been absorbing the” KI" of the heaven and earth, finally one day, it exploded and Mosaic Monkey (M & M in short) was born. These crappy ideas of mosaic monkey (inspired by Monkey god and crayon shin) had been floating in my mind for a few months so finally today I decided to scanned 2 of sketches and make it into an illustration. More will come....

Enter the monkey

Chapter two: Enter the monkey
Mosaic Monkey decided to take down all the demons in the jungle to become the King of the jungle. Kazaaaaa!!! (* Inspired by Bruce lee: enter the dragon)

Recently, I came across a advertisement on a bus stop, it wrote this "No one can survive on the diets of hope!" So true...Who can??


Ivan Chew said...

I hope you don't consider me as "TC-king" but here's what I think: If we give up hope, then opportunity will never ever come by. But as long as we try, at the very least there's a fighting chance. You have talent. Press on.

xiaobaosg 小宝 said...

Thank you , ivan chew!

Ellen Byrne said...

ALL your stuff is fantastic! Just wonderful!