Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Grey Zone 灰色地帶

Greyzone 灰色地帶

"I believe that in every white (good) zone , there's a black (evil) spot and in every black (evil)zone , there's also a white (good) spot. "Between black and white , do you believe there's a grey zone?" ( as written in the japanese sentence)

The grey zone represented the middle line between good and evil . No right ! No wrong !This is the kind of world that we are living in now...... "

Justice is blind and Evil is deaf. Isn't it kind of stupid for you to ask me what SIDE I'm on!?


Rrramone said...

I agree with you! Nice post. :-)

Arty said...

I like the image but have to disagree with the idea that we are living in a world that has no good or evil.

There's a lot out there but we have become very good at looking the other way. I'm not a religious person so please don't think I am writing from any doctrine. Perhaps we need to look at the good more than the grey to make a difference.

Chrissie A said...

I like your interpretation of the subject...nicely done; very cool style and great colors.