Sunday, October 16, 2005

Angels in waiting

Angel in waiting

They were angels in waiting.
Waiting for wings to fly from this world,
Away from their pain
Treasuring time, til time came to leave,
Leaving behind sweet memories.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for wings. (Artist: Cochran Tammy)

Another artwork inspired by the lyrics of the song " Angels in waiting"

Somehow, the lyrics kinda of reflect to my life and emotion/feeling right now (Haha). Life is alway about waiting and it's always a hell of waiting .
Waiting to grow up ,
waiting to finish school life ,
waiting to go NS ( for guys) ,
waiting to find a job ,
waiting to find MISS/MR Right , and the last thing for sure ,
waiting to die.

We just keep waiting and waiting. For a chance , a miracle and in Heaven or Hell , we waited again for another life.......

Do not ask"is there life after death?"
but rather after death ask"did i truly live?"


Bron Smith said...

Beautifully drawn piece.

Mike Thompson said...

Lovely piece! Great sense of mood.