Thursday, August 25, 2005

Not so far away from home


"In my dreams I am not so far away from home, What am I in a world so far away from home, All my life all the time so far away from home, Without you I will be so far away from home. "

Happened to hear this song from radio , "Far away from home" by Groove Coverage , i was really inspired by the lyrics of the song , so sad yet so meaningful .

I was thinking of making it into a design .
What scene/design/what kind of person that will really miss going home? I guess soldiers are the best to describe the meaning and the feel of the chorus! Fighting in a foreign country.
I think these guys really miss theirs home. What do you think? Sound craps!Ha ha~!Doesn't matter~!I really love this song . Cheers!



awesome design. nicely done.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

very moody, + style points

Anonymous said...

Love your design ... very effective!

garth bruner said...

Yes, really well done.